Adriane J Dudley

Adriane J. Dudley

Adriane J. Dudley


Adriane recalls that in the early days, when she worked as a law clerk for Judge Eileen Petersen at the Municipal Court, the court milieu gave her the opportunity to meet and form relationships with a broad range of people, both in the legal realm and outside of it. That pattern has continued throughout her professional and personal life in the Territory and beyond. Attorney Dudley hails from Boston, Massachusetts where she attended the Northeastern University School of Law, graduating in 1972. She recalls her passion as a youngster for television shows featuring attorneys such as Perry Mason. Later she avidly followed state and national politics. She also had a lawyer in her family: her father. She did not become aware of her father’s profession until later in life, however, as she was raised primarily by her mother.  But she inherited a love of the profession, which, unlike many long time attorneys, has endured and to this day she is still excited to come to work. Dudley’s legal career in the Virgin Islands began when she worked as a law clerk for Territorial Court Judge Eileen Peterson in 1976. She then served as a prosecutor for the Attorney General and later as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Virgin Islands.  In 1979, Dudley co-founded the law firm of Dudley, Dudley & Topper. In 1985 she formed Dudley, Clark & Chan and in 2011, with partners Rich and Davis-Brathwaite, the firm Dudley Rich Davis, LLP. Dudley describes her current firm as much more than a collection of intelligent and experienced individuals working in the same place, but a “true partnership.”  Dudley feels a great affection for her staff as well, explaining that it is a pleasure to greet them each morning when she comes to the office.  There is a spirit of cooperation among the attorneys and staff, which translates into a positive outlook and harmony.  She believes these qualities demonstrate the competence and well-being that assures clients that they will be provided with the highest level of legal services.

Areas of Practice

Dudley has extensive experience in Virgin Islands economic development incentives  for large and small businesses. She also assists clients in establishing effective contractual relations with the executive and legislative branches of the government and navigating government bureaucracy. She also practices employment law; counsels on business management matters and defends defamation actions.  Ms. Dudley has most recently has become versed in issues of gaming and casino regulation.

Mediation and Arbitration

Ms. Dudley is  an arbitrator and mediator, trained and certified by the American Arbitration Association and the American Mediation Institute. Ms. Dudley has extensive training and experience in mediation with the Individuals with Disabilities Education ACT (IDEA). She mediates for private parties and the Department of Education of the Virgin Islands State Office of Special Education.


A leader academically, professionally and in the community, Dudley is known for her dynamic involvement in all causes she serves and was recipient of the 2009 VI Bar Association’s Winston Hodge Award for Public Service. Ms. Dudley participates vigorously in improving the quality of life in both the Virgin Islands and the world community. She has a special concern for issues affecting children. As Legislative Chair of the St. Thomas-St. John Chamber of Commerce, she frequently advocates for the business community before the Virgin Islands Legislature.


•   Northeastern University School of Law (J.D., 1972).
•   Simmons College (B.S. Business Administration, 1969)

Memberships & Affiliations


•   Member, Virgin Islands Bar Association, (Board of Governors, 1977-1981, 2002, 2006-2007, 2012-2014, President, 1980); Virgin Islands Delegate to American Bar Association (ABA) 2012-2014.
•   Member, Massachusetts Bar Association;
•   Member, American Bar Association
     o   Board of Governors, American Bar Association 1996-2000; (Finance Committee 1996-2000)  
     o   Chair, American Bar Association Diversity Committee of State and Local Government Section.
     o   Member, American Bar Association Forum for Labor and Employment Law
•   American Arbitration Association (serving on its Board of Directors, 1998; and on its Faculty, from 1985-present)
•   Elected member, American Law Institute (authors of the Restatements of the Law)
•   Practicing Law Institute
•   Historical Society of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
•   Historical Society of the United States Supreme Court.  

Community Involvement:
•   Member, Corporation, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts
•   Board of Directors,  Secretary to Foundation for the University of the Virgin Islands
•   Board of Directors, St. Thomas-St. John Chamber of Commerce continuously since 1987 (President 1986, 1989 and 1993)
•   Boards of Directors, V.I. Public Television Station (WTJX) (Chairperson, 1983)
•   Governor’s Commission on Children, Youth and Families
•   Girl Scouts of America
•   “Big Sister” 

•   Author: the annual survey of the Law of Defamation of the Virgin Islands for the Libel Defense Resource Center's (LDRC) 50-State Survey
•   Editor: the 1992 Annual Report of the ABA Section State and Local Government Human Resources Committee published in The Urban Lawyer;
•   Contributing Editor to The Developing Labor Law, a publication of the ABA's Section of Labor and Employment Law, Committee on the Development of the Law under The National Labor Relations Act.  
•   Authored Chapter 1 “Introduction to Federal Appellate Practice”, AIC/LCP Federal Practice Guide Third Circuit Court of Appeals. (American Inns of Court)